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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Property Valuation?

Property Valuation is a professional occupation like law or accountancy. A property valuer advises on residential, rural, commercial & industrial property. This involves inspecting properties, checking zoning & planning regulations to assess how this might affect the property & analyzing other properties for comparability. Property valuers make qualified assessments as to the value of properties to enable informed decisions to be made by relevant people or professions.
Who is a Registered Valuer? 

A registered valuer is registered under the Valuers Act 1948 enabling them to complete Property Valuations which can be relied upon for various professional purposes.   They must have a university degree relating to Property Valuation, have undertaken 3 years practical experience in order to become registered and hold an annual Practicing Certificate.
What is a Valuation Report?  
An assessment of current market value supported by a concise written report, photographs, certificate of title and other relevant documentation. Where possible there will be comparable relevant sales information and a market commentary explaining the current market situation in relation to the specific property.
What is the difference between a Rating Valuation and Registered Valuation?
The assessment is used principally by local authorities to calculate rates. Unlike a registered valuation it does not respect the uniqueness and individuality of each property, or have regard to such factors such as aesthetic appeal and quality etc.
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